Workpackage 2

WP 2

WP 2

Versatile information system for epidemiosurveillance


Develop an information system that will make existing environmental and epidemiological data available, will integrate data to be collected, and will provide services (e.g., webapps) for producing data on demand. These data and services will be available during the project and afterwards.


  • Develop methods (e.g., in text mining and spatial statistics) for producing data relevant for the enhanced epidemiological surveillance for the pathosystems considered in the BEYOND project
  • Manage a large diversity of data (inspection surveys, satellite images, sensor data, textual data, etc) so they can feed into analysis tools intended for decision-making
  • Assure the means to handle possible evolution of data sources and formats
  • Provide an information system for generating or finding relevant data in a simple way

Latest update (May 2022): Website for consolidating data for the information system for epidemiological surveillance:

WP leader: Samuel Soubeyrand

Partners: TETIS, TSCF, MaIAGE, BFP, SAVE, PHIM  (see partner information on the About Us page)

Modification date : 19 June 2023 | Publication date : 23 October 2020 | Redactor : C.E. Morris