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In this talk, we will retrace 5 years of multidisciplinary research involving pathology, ecology, mathematic modelling and social sciences in order to gain insight into FD epidemiology and management.
This seminar will explore an approach to assessing how wind patterns connect geographically separated habitats and landscapes
Virus network
This seminar will address an approach to tease apart the relative roles of pathogen-pathogen interactions, host attributes and the environment in determining the diversity of pathogens.
Who could have imagined that some microorganims can survive burning of biomass? The trajectories of smoke plumes make the voyages of these microorganisms visible.
open science
Open data are particularly important for the long term goals of BEYOND. Learn about INRAE’s Directorate for Open Science.
Learn about the global database of microclimate measurements from about 30.000 sensors
Discover how the Stockholm Paradigm and the Pathogen Paradox are pertinent for surveillance of plant disease and anticipation of their emergence
What are the future prospects for Digital Plant Pathology to contribute to disease surveillance and risk assessment ?
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