Workpackage 7

WP 7

WP 7

Capacity building and training


Build capacity to conduct research in and to implement enhanced-scope epidemiological surveillance. Centralize the supervision and training of Masters, doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers and instill interdisciplinary approaches in all training. Assure the conception and realization of workshops and training courses for graduate students and stakeholders.  


  • Conceive and conduct research training including the training of 6 doctoral students within the project and by our e-learning teaching and video courses for Master’s and other graduate students.
  • Build capacity of researchers and field technicians in enhanced-scope epidemiological surveillance via activities including:
    • -Research School in Aerobiology
    • -Partner training in text mining
    • -Partner training in applying networks and supervised learning,
    • -Tools and principles of field surveillance for field technicians and other stakeholders

WP7 leader: Claire Neema [from PHIM]

Partners: Patho, PHIM, BFP, Pvbmt  (see partner information on the About Us page)

Modification date : 19 June 2023 | Publication date : 23 October 2020 | Redactor : C.E. Morris