Workpackage 3

WP 3

WP 3

Network analyses


Adapt network analysis to find novel indicators and sampling strategies to enhance the temporal and spatial scopes of epidemiological surveillance.


  • Construct networks to formalize the real-life networks through which plant pathogens can spread.
  • Use network analysis to describe the salient characteristics and topology of the constructed such as degree distribution, cliques (strongly connected substructures) and small-worldness (balance between local and long-distance connectivity) and relate them to key epidemiological concepts such as the reproductive ratio or the permeability of a landscape.
  • Design network-based surveillance strategies under a set of realistic time and labor constraints.

WP3 leader: Davide Martinetti 

Partners: SAVE (see partner information on the About Us page)

Modification date : 19 June 2023 | Publication date : 23 October 2020 | Redactor : C.E. Morris