Workpackage 1

WP 1

WP 1

Managing the project's intelligence


Provide the bridge across all of the other Work Packages to develop a strategy to identify the most informative and accessible predictors of plant health across several space/time horizons, and to create guidelines for exploiting and deploying new predictors. This will be achieved by managing a continuous dialectic between case studies of patho-systems and technology development. This WP will also assure the general management and coordination of the project.


  • Chart typology of case studies (which environmental and historical data are suited for each patho-systems?) and identify common needs for data.
  • Overcome technical obstacles to developing a database composed of data of different nature and format.
  • Assure in-house training for participating scientists to share concepts and facilitate interdisciplinary analyses of epidemics.
  • Transfer and communicate the activities and results of BEYOND.
  • Monitor milestones and deliverables. Assure establishment of the convention among partners, FAIR procedures of data management, and reporting and accountability to the funding agency.

WP1 leader: Cindy E. Morris

Modification date : 19 June 2023 | Publication date : 23 October 2020 | Redactor : C.E. Morris